GCC Cutter + SignPal Upgrade to Windows 7

You must change your cutter to COMMON USB mode.
If you are unable to do this ie no option, it will require a firmware upgrade, for which you will need to return the cutter to Sign Technologies.

icon GCC Cutters - How To Change USB Mode


Install the appropriate 32 or 64bit driver, depending on your Windows 7 OS, then follow this procedure.

icon GCC Cutter Drivers - 32bit

icon GCC Cutter Drivers - 64bit 


  • Install SignPal on computer.
  • Turn on cutter and load media. Do not connect USB cable at this time.
  • Take cutter offline, press Misc and press right arrow to scroll through until USB printer mode.
  • Press enter and up or down arrow until Common USB shows on screen. Press enter and you will be prompted to unplug and refit the USB cable. As soon as you plug in the USB cable the bottom right corner of your computer monitor should show "installing device".

Once it says device driver installed correctly ....

  • Run SignPal and draw a small square. Select the square and click on plot/cut. A screen should pop up and ask what the brand and model of cutter is. Select GCC and either Puma 60 or 132 or Jaguar 61 or 132 depending on your model and size of cutter and click ok. It will then ask what port it is connected to: select USB_Printer_0. Exit SignPal, restart and it should work fine. Click on send in the cut / plot screen and the job should go through to the cutter.

NOTE: If you have already installed the cutter into Production Manager, run Production Manager, right click on the cutter and change port to USB_Printer_0. Exit SignPal, restart and it should work fine.



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